Building ventilators with igus components

Adriana Glazer | 4. September 2020

In the early days of Covid-19, our daily companion today, there was great uncertainty. In the health care system in particular, people were afraid that there were not enough ventilators. At that time, we at igus were thinking intensively about how we could provide support here, in a cost-sensitive manner. Especially as our lubrication-free high-performance polymers are ideally suited for use in medical technology.

Ventilator: construction manual and costs

What do you need for it? One linear axis, one control system and one intubation bag. You can see the structure here in the following video.

Please note that this is not a medically correct application. The structure merely represents a potential case of application that serves as inspiration.

On the carriage is a pusher* over which the bag is compressed. The linear axis with lead screw drive type SAW-1040 provides the mechanical drive force, generated by a DC motor with worm gear.

Self-made ventilator with igus components
Ventilator with igus components.

It is controlled by our DC motor control system D3. This can be operated manually, via a switch or in conjunction with a master control. It is also possible to programme a defined sequence.

The total cost for this system is less than €500 for one unit.

*no igus product

Here, read also about the use of igus in medical technology.

igus components in medical technology

Feel free to contact me if the product or application catches your interest.

Best regards and stay healthy.

Markus Ziermann
Project Manager
drylin® E electric drive technology
Phone:  +49 2203 9649 – 7201

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