Linear technology

With which shafts do polymer plain bearings work best?

Jan Michels | 15. April 2020

Many different shaft materials are used in the packaging, food and beverage industries. If a cost-effective solution is required, steel shafts are of interest. If light weight is important, aluminium shafts are used. If the application takes place in a humid environment or aggressive cleaning with chemicals, the corrosion resistance of the shaft is important. […]


Machines and plant for plastics processing. An industry overview.

Christian Schäfer | 9. April 2020

The plastics processing industry is manifold. Whether in injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, extruders or presses, plastics are processed into very different products. The igus products can be found in a variety of machines and equipment for the plastic and rubber industry.


Sensor adjustment with plain bearing technology: easy and reproducible

Bastian Mehr | 8. April 2020

If you are looking for a simple linear adjustment for sensors or cameras that are usually secondary, you will find a number of possible solutions. They should be simple, reproducible and cost-effective. What is the right system for me if I want to integrate it without great design effort? What are my requirements? If a […]


Plastics in passenger and engine driver seats

Thorsten Mersch | 3. April 2020

What do folding seats for metros, first-class seats on regional trains, and comfortable engine driver seats have in common? Upon first inspection, one might think it is only the obvious seat and back. But a more careful consideration reveals that each seat has polymer elements. Why polymer? Soft polymer dampens vibrations better and absorbs noise […]


igus solutions for electromobility

Steffen Schack | 3. April 2020

Gradually experts, companies and governments are declaring the end of the straight internal combustion engine. Electromobility has ushered in a new era that involves change and requires rethinking many technologies. This poses new technical challenges to developers of all types of vehicles.   What will change, and how can igus  motion plastics® provide support?  The normal internal combustion engine operating noises will be […]