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What types of electric motors are there?

Ludmilla Dekker | 27. October 2021

For linear axes and handling systems, igus® offers an extensive range of electric motors. Hybrid stepper motors, DC motors and brushless DC motors find their applications in lead screw drives, toothed belts and rack drives. The electric motors complete the range of igus® automation technology. In this way, entire handling systems can be configured in […]


Motors: what is a brake resistor, and what is it used for?

Adriana Glazer | 6. August 2021

Electric motors sometimes need a brake resistor. But what does the brake resistor do, and what advantages does it offer? Since a motor’s design is similar to a generator’s, motors always generate voltage. This is counterintuitive, since motors actually use electrical power to generate mechanical (rotor) movement, but it is a fundamental principle of electrical […]


How to connect igus® encoders with Beckhoff and B&R

Adriana Glazer | 7. April 2021

There are control systems whose encoder card is usually compatible with 24V and/or single-ended encoders. igus motors, however, work with 5V and as line drivers. A connection of these two voltages requires another component or a special encoder card.Today we are looking at the connection of igus motors to control systems that work with 24V […]


Save time and costs when commissioning motor controls

Ludmilla Dekker | 26. February 2021

How? igus® offers free sample programmes for motor controls. This ensures faster commissioning of the motor control in its machine environment. No more tedious, hours-long software programming. All sample programmes are ready-to-use, fully functional and quickly integrated. The sample programmes are compatible with: Test the free sample programmes from igus® now and quickly build up […]


Construction and assembly of lead screw motors – the basics

Adriana Glazer | 20. November 2020

As a well-known manufacturer of engineering plastics, igus has meanwhile established itself in the minds of the engineering universe. But around these core products a huge product world has developed with over 10,000,XXX different products. One of them is the lead screw motor. As the name suggests, a lead screw motor consists of a lead […]