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Energy supply

Where to put the excess cable lengths?

Beke Nieszytka | 24. September 2019

Probably the best known term amongst electricians is the “fear metre”. There is almost no installer, assembler, switch cabinet builder or apprentice who hasn’t cut a cable too short when connecting and installing it on machines and industrial plant, only to find that a few centimetres are missing when trying to connect it to the consumer.


How can chain-compatible cables extend service intervals?

Markus Hueffel | 20. September 2019

At some point, you have certainly had to deal with a loose contact. Either yourself when your drill had to be serviced privately or perhaps when you were ironing clothes.


Reduce downtime with field assembled connectors

Beke Nieszytka | 17. September 2019

With crimp connection technology you can easily and quickly harness circular power connectors yourself. Here the contact is made by pressing the copper strands with a crimp sleeve or a crimp contact.


Wear-resistant products with EN 45545 conformity

Thorsten Mersch | 17. September 2019

There are a large number of standards in the railway industry. How much force is required to open a door by hand in an emergency? How should the welding seams look? The number of standards and regulations is seemingly endless. Another very important point is fire protection in rail vehicles. The EN 45545 standard means […]