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Energy supply

3 tips to avoid rework in production

Ulrich Schumacher | 16. October 2019

Are you doing it right? An order must be shipped urgently. During the final inspection of the manufactured product for functionality and quality, however, it is determined that the function is not flawless. Before the product goes to the customer, it must be reworked to ensure that it is fully functional. This leads to delays and the due date of the customer order is at risk of being breached. Do you know this scenario?


Build laboratory equipment “clean…save…installation space”

Ulf Hottung | 8. October 2019

Many requirements are clearly defined for the development of a laboratory instrument. Anyone who wants to build or optimise laboratory equipment or offer new laboratory technology is always faced with the same task. The new device must offer at least the following, regardless of the task it is to perform: Reliability Productivity Reproducible and documentable […]


Long travel – how do I find the right cable?

igu-blog-adm | 6. October 2019

The secret, invisible to the user, lies within a good cable. It works safely and reliably over millions of movements and is hated by every electrician. We’re talking about the inner jacket.


Where to put the excess cable lengths?

Beke Nieszytka | 24. September 2019

Probably the best known term amongst electricians is the “fear metre”. There is almost no installer, assembler, switch cabinet builder or apprentice who hasn’t cut a cable too short when connecting and installing it on machines and industrial plant, only to find that a few centimetres are missing when trying to connect it to the consumer.


How can chain-compatible cables extend service intervals?

Markus Hueffel | 20. September 2019

At some point, you have certainly had to deal with a loose contact. Either yourself when your drill had to be serviced privately or perhaps when you were ironing clothes.