The difference between a servo cable and a motor cable

Nils Jäger | 25. March 2020

Electrical engineering is often concerned with motor cables as well as servo cables. But what is exactly the difference between a servo cable and a motor cable? And can I use a servo cable to connect a normal three-phase motor? What exactly are the differences? The fact is that both cables are designed to supply […]


Medikamenten-Handling in der Apotheke

What requirements do energy chains encounter in automatic medication handling applications?

Beke Nieszytka | 25. March 2020

Harnessed energy chains in automatic medication picking systems face special requirements.


Why are there Ethernet cables with 600V UL?

Jan Arnoldy | 24. March 2020

Before we turn to Ethernet cables with 600V UL, let’s take a look at Ethernet cables generally. Ethernet is the most widely used standard for local area network (LAN) cabling. Although transmission rates of up to 400 Gbps are currently specified, a maximum speed of 40 Gbps is possible according to the current state of […]


Jacket materials

Andreas Muckes | 23. March 2020

Why are there different jacket materials, and what materials are there? What are the differences in materials?


Which Ethernet cable is the right one for me?

Andreas Muckes | 20. March 2020

Finding the right cable for my application: What do I have to pay attention to? This table guarantees that you will find the right Ethernet cable.