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With which shafts do polymer plain bearings work best?

Jan Michels | 15. April 2020

Many different shaft materials are used in the packaging, food and beverage industries. If a cost-effective solution is required, steel shafts are of interest. If light weight is important, aluminium shafts are used. If the application takes place in a humid environment or aggressive cleaning with chemicals, the corrosion resistance of the shaft is important. Stainless steel is a good choice here.

More information about the different shafts can be found here:


There are suitable iglidur plain bearing materials for almost every shaft, which achieve good wear results and a long service life. iglidur J is the “all-rounder” for all shaft materials. iglidur J200 linear plain bearings were specially developed for aluminium shafts. For steel and stainless steel shafts (especially at high temperatures), iglidur X is a very good choice. Blue liners made of iglidur A160 are FDA/EU-compliant and can be used for direct food contact. They fit perfectly with stainless steel shafts typically used in the industry.

iglidur A160

The best combination can also be easily determined online:


In general, we recommend that the surface roughness of the shaft should not be too smooth (preferably from Ra 0.2 – 0.4µm). The ideal tolerance for the outer diameter of the shaft is h9.

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