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Plastics machines

Reliable energy supply for extruders and extrusion systems

Christian Schäfer | 28. April 2020

Extrusion is one of the primary plastic technology processing methods. This blog focuses on energy supply applications on extrusion lines – the combination of extruders and downstream machines.


igus solutions for injection moulding machines. Tested in igus 3-shift operation.

Christian Schäfer | 15. April 2020

Injection moulding is one of the primary processing methods in plastics processing. It is the most widely used processing method. About one third of all plastics are processed on injection moulding machines. Energy chain systems, highly flexible cables and bearing technology solutions by igus ensure a long service life of all parts of injection moulding machines.


A compact sprue picker for less than 2,000 euros? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation! (Part 1/2)

Christian Schäfer | 1. April 2020

There are many and increasingly complex possibilities for the automation of injection moulding processing. This is a trend that is constantly evolving. Automation is essential for the optimisation of operational processes and ultimately for increasing competitiveness. The need to automate the many injection moulding processes at igus has resulted in an innovative product, the igus sprue picker!