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A compact sprue picker for less than 2,000 euros? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation! (Part 1/2)

Christian Schäfer | 1. April 2020

There are many and increasingly complex possibilities for the automation of injection moulding processing. This is a trend that is constantly evolving. Automation is essential for the optimisation of operational processes and ultimately for increasing competitiveness.

With more than 500 injection moulding machines at the Cologne location, this also presents igus with ever new challenges. The question always arises, when is automation worthwhile? To what extent and at what cost do I implement automation solutions? The consideration of Return on Invest (ROI) is helpful and offers a solid basis for decision-making. In other words, when will the investment pay off?

Amortisation after only a few months

The removal and separation of sprues directly in the injection moulding machine offers a great advantage and allows more economical production. Subsequent separation and other manual handling tasks are eliminated. This saves costs. Against this background, igus has developed its own sprue picker that is now in use in more than 60 injection moulding machines. The investment of only €4,000 per injection moulding machine (sprue picker kinematics and integration) has paid for itself within a few months.

igus sprue pickers “IAP1”

The need to automate the many injection moulding processes has resulted in an innovative product, the igus sprue picker IAP1!

Fast facts:

  • For intervention in stripper and ejector tool moulds
  • The sprue is ejected sideways
  • 1-axis vehicle
  • Electrical drive
  • Wear-resistant parts easily replaceable
  • Total cycle time (opening to closing) of only 1.25s
  • Sprue picker including motor control system for only €1,910.

Detailed product features and further information can be found in the second part of this blog series:

igus sprue picker IAP1 (Part 2/2)

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