Energy chains

Energy chains in hydroelectric power stations: why energy chains are the right choice in hydroelectric power plants

jhang | 10. February 2021

In hydroelectric power plants, systems such as cable trolleys, motor cable drums and busbars are used for the supply of electrical energy. But they are often susceptible to problems and need a lot of maintenance. We have therefore developed a basic flizz system, which works reliably and without problems in continuous operation. Continuous use whatever the weather With the help […]


Insert energy chain on the side

mkogelmann | 5. May 2020

The installation space for energy chains is often limited in height. One solution, although not always practical, is then to reduce the bend radius of the energy chain. But this is not always possible. Either the reduction of the bend radius is not sufficient for the chain to fit into the installation space, or it […]


igus solutions for injection moulding machines. Tested in igus 3-shift operation.

Christian Schäfer | 15. April 2020

Injection moulding is one of the primary processing methods in plastics processing. It is the most widely used processing method. About one third of all plastics are processed on injection moulding machines. Energy chain systems, highly flexible cables and bearing technology solutions by igus ensure a long service life of all parts of injection moulding machines.



How long can plastic withstand radioactive radiation?

Kathrin Kretz | 6. April 2020

When I attended my first trial day at igus years ago, a colleague told me, “It is never boring here. We get fascinating queries every day. Right now I’ve been tasked to find out whether energy chains can withstand radioactive radiation.”