Energy chains in hydroelectric power stations: why energy chains are the right choice in hydroelectric power plants

jhang | 10. February 2021

In hydroelectric power plants, systems such as cable trolleys, motor cable drums and busbars are used for the supply of electrical energy. But they are often susceptible to problems and need a lot of maintenance. We have therefore developed a basic flizz system, which works reliably and without problems in continuous operation.

Continuous use whatever the weather

With the help of hydroelectric power plants, the energy of water is converted into electricity. As with all types of industrial installation, operating problems need to be avoided. For this reason, the cables that transfer energy and data must be well protected and guided safely and reliably. In addition to safe cable guidance, they energy supply system must also withstand weathering effects, such as sun, wind, snow and ice. The aim is to prevent machine downtime. In addition, assembly and maintenance also play an important role, because if a cable breaks, it must be possible to replace it with little effort.

basic flizz as an alternative to energy supply systems commonly available on the market

basic flizz is a cost-effective energy supply system which consists of an energy chain that is filled with the proven chainflex cables and has a weatherproof housing made of stainless-steel. Unlike cable trolleys and motor cable drums, the energy chain and the cables inside it are protected against freezing in a weatherproof housing during the winter months. Further advantages of the basic flizz system are its speedy installation and maintenance. Cables and hoses can easily be retrofitted at any time.

basic flizz system

Where is the basic flizz used in hydroelectric power plants?

The basic flizz system is used for the mobile trash rakes in hydroelectric power plants. Trash rakes keep floating debris and fish away from the turbine.

basic flizz in trash rake


When an energy supply system is being chosen, the requirements are that it be reliable, weather-resistant and can be installed and maintained quickly. Our basic flizz system ensures safe and reliable energy supply in hydroelectric power plants and is already used in hundreds of locations.

Here you can find comparisons with energy supply systems that are commonly available on the market:

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