Simply hide cables: these cable chains make it possible

jhang | 14. April 2022

We all struggle with tangled cables under the desk or lying freely in the room. They are unsightly and collect dust, and you may trip over them. So it is very important to hide and organise cables well. Flexible igus cable chains ensure order in the office and at home.

1. Cable chain OCR

With the round cable chain OCR, cables are guided in no time not only usefully, but also securely. The cable chain is easy to use – just press the cables into the chain. Its mounting brackets can be used to attach the chain with adhesive, screws or magnets, which means that it can be relocated to new positions at will.

2. Cable chain ZF14

With the rectangular cable chain ZF14, cables can be inserted and removed quickly. Thanks to the smooth inner contours, it is cable-friendly. The attachment of the ZF14 to the desk can be done either by magnet or by screws.

What advantages do cable chains from igus offer?

Cables can be easily pushed into the cable chain by hand and can be replaced, rearranged and routed without cable tangles at any time. Individual cables can be routed out of the chambers of the cable chains, depending on the setup of the workstation, without changing the entire assignment for this purpose. Since the OCR and ZF14 are made of single removable chain link/segment, they can be easily lengthened and shortened. With the mounting options: glued, screwed or with magnets, the cable chains can be flexibly attached to a wide variety of places.

Where is a cable chain often used?

Cable chains from igus were specially developed for offices and furniture. They are especially suitable for desks or height adjustable desks.

How to install a cable chain?

Cable chains can be designed with a few simple steps and without tools. With the flexible mounting brackets, the cable chain can be glued, screwed or attached with magnets to a wide variety of locations. The intermediate bracket makes it possible to attach parts of the cable chain to metal surfaces with metal clips. For fixing on the floor, it is simply attached to a heavy metal stand by magnetic clips, or to metal surfaces.

Assembly instructions of the cable chain OCR


Cable organisation made easy: with the cable chains from igus, cables lying around under the desk can simply be nicely hidden and organised. The cable chains can be shaped as needed to fit flexible workstations, IT systems and multifunctional office furniture.

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