Why does an energy chain need autonomous power generation by means of energy harvesting?

Richard Habering | 8. September 2021

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To drive itself, the generation power by means of energy harvesting in the new P4HD rol e-chain® from igus is not yet sufficient. But the smart monitoring sensors for predictive maintenance can very well be operated with the “Power through friction”. The external energy supply, previously implemented by rechargeable batteries, can thus be saved by inductive energy harvesting. The sensor is integrated into a standard side part of the chain, which does not lead to restrictions on the usable inside width.

Together with intelligent networking of individual components, this creates a solid basis for predictive maintenance concepts. At igus, we call our predictive maintenance system i.Cee . The central element of this system is the i.Cee software. This software, in conjunction with sensors on the energy chain, transforms products deliverable from stock into smart products. This upgrade allows you to determine the maximum service life and perfect servicing time for your igus product. Self-learning algorithms adjust the service life and service time according to usage.

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