What is the basis for the service life statements of i.Cee, the predictive maintenance from igus?

Richard Habering | 22. September 2021

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Energy chains are put through their paces at igus’ in-house test laboratory. In linear movements of different lengths with travels of up to 240m and in vertical, circular or torsional movements. 53 test rigs on which 295 tests are simultaneously carried out are used to test e-chains for their stress resistance. In all, 4,100 tests totalling 10 billion cycles are performed every year. One million test data sets are collected every year in the various laboratories and test areas. They are saved in an electronic database and form the basis for further quality improvements for developed products. They also constitute the heart of the igus service life calculation. These well-founded service life predictions are one of the foundations of the smart plastics predictive maintenance concept.

 And this product life is one of the main elements of the smart plastics i.Cee dashboard. At a glance, the dashboard shows the remaining service life of components equipped with smart technology. The output is done in cycles or double strokes as well as in days based on the previous traverse speed or the movement profile. The maximum values, on the other hand, are empirically determined over years of test runs. So the data from the igus test laboratory forms the decisive raw material for all smart igus products featuring predictive maintenance.

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