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What is Industry 4.0?

igu-blog-adm | 7. July 2019

What is Industry 4.0?

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Industry 4.0 is a project of the Federal Government for the digitisation of industrial production. In this idea, production processes do not run side by side as individual processes, but are digitally networked with modern communication technology. All components such as machines, products, logistics and, of course, people communicate with each other here. The goal of this digital networking is a well-integrated and efficient self-organisation of production that uses resources economically.

Meanwhile, Industry 4.0 is a household name for anyone involved in digitising their business, from order entry to machine monitoring.

Why the designation 4.0? Looking back on the history of industrialisation, many see a fourth revolution here, another turning point in the industrial landscape. Based on the numbering of software versions, “4.0” was selected here.

Wear monitoring EC.T of an e-chain glide bar from igus
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