There are two modules for predictive maintenance, which one do I take?

igu-blog-adm | 5. July 2019

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Whether you use the icom or the icom. plus in your plant monitoring depends on how much of the acquired sensor data you want to incorporate in your infrastructure.

Before use both modules are initially recorded with the expected trouble-free runtime. This is determined from several parameters such as application area, ambient conditions and operating times. The findings from numerous tests from the in-house laboratory are also included in here. The icom. plus then continuously indicates the remaining runtime on the system computer. Since it works without an online connection, the value is static.

With the icom module, an IoT connection is established to the igus cloud. It performs a continuous matching of real-time data, making predictive maintenance even more accurate. If you want a production-wide overview, you are well equipped with icom and online usage.   

Ultimately, anyone can switch their systems to online usage at any time. So you can start small with pure stand-alone sensors and upgrade later.

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