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Are linear guides ergonomic?

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

Are linear guides ergonomic?

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With a linear guide, I can move something from A to B. Does that have anything to do with ergonomics? The answer is – Yes. Desk height adjustment mechanisms to make standing and sitting healthier, adjustment mechanisms of chair backrests for good spinal support while sitting, adjustment of headrests for more safety, monitor adjusting systems for better posture. With curved linear guides, operator controls in cabins (tractors, cranes, trains and so on) can be set to the best possible position. This means more operating safety and reliability for the user and more safety for the environment. And given the further ergonomic advantages, for example, that there is no longer any danger of contamination and unpleasant smells due to oils, grease and lubricants, and that silent operation of the guide directly at the workplace is ensured, the concentration and safety of the user during operation are increased. A series of linear guides enables linear and curved means of guidance for the greatest possible design freedom. Apart from this, the easy handling is a great advantage of this rail guide.

For curved linear guides in a quadrant, semicircle, full circle

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