Is there anything to monitor the condition of cables?

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With CF.Q, CF.D and CF.P, igus has three sensors in the product range that are designed for chainflex cables.

CF.Q is the sensor for the electrical specifications of chainflex cables

  • Belongs to prevention of crash and can be used without an additional module
  • Indicates changes in the electrical properties
  • In the event of a fault, information by means of NO contact or message
CF.Q Sensor from igus
Diagram for a CF.Q sensor

CF.D is the sensor for measuring the transmission quality of Ethernet bus cables

  • Also belongs to the prevention of crash and should be used without an additional module
  • No measuring cable required, integrated sensor
  • Losses of data packets are detected in good time and a message is issued
CF.D Sensor from igus
Diagram of a CF.D sensor

CF.P measures the tensile forces acting on cables in energy chains

  • Measures directly at the strain relief element
  • Triggers a shutdown by means of the NC contact if forces are excessive
CF.P Sensor from igus
Diagram of a CF.P sensor
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