Is energy harvesting only used in the consumer goods sector?

Richard Habering | 8. September 2021

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Of course, the first applications of energy harvesting to become known to a wider audience are in the consumer goods sector. Here, for example, there are already self-charging backpacks or wristwatches.

But energy harvesting is not only playing an increasingly important role there. In the latest version of the igus P4HD rol e-chain, service life has again been significantly increased by the use of maintenance-free tribopolymer plain bearings in connecting e-chain links. One reason is that the new P4HD can be equipped with smart monitoring sensors. The external energy supply, which used to be rechargeable batteries, is eliminated thanks to inductive energy harvesting. The sensor is integrated into a standard side part of the chain, which does not lead to restrictions on the usable inside width.

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