How does the maintenance system know that a component should be replaced?

igu-blog-adm | 5. July 2019

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The prerequisite for the most accurate information possible on the trouble-free running time of our components is that the details of use given by the operator are accurate. This includes information on the place of use with weather conditions and temperatures, distances, loads, number of cycles, etc.

How can we make predictions with these details? We know our products and their potentials very well because we have put them through their paces in our test laboratory. Under all imaginable conditions of use. We apply all our in-depth knowledge in your application and are thus capable of programming an icom or icom. plus module with the service life data for your application. A necessary replacement of a component is then displayed in good time and enables scheduled and resource-conserving maintenance. If you use the module networked, it can be synchronised with other data that may be available, such as capacity, temperature, etc., and real-time display becomes possible.

Our self-sustaining sensors, which run without a module, do not count down the service life, but detect a condition of wear and send a message in good time when maintenance is called for.

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