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Do I need Internet for monitoring my equipment?

igu-blog-adm | 8. July 2019

Do I need Internet for monitoring my equipment?

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No, you do not need that. In monitoring their own production, every entrepreneur can decide for himself how much he wants to digitise and utilise the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things. Not everyone is already connected and not everyone wants to network.

Many are concerned about transferring their sensitive company data to external servers, even if high security standards are guaranteed. However, if you use the isense online system from igus, to synchronise and keep data up-to-date, the installed module connects directly to the igus server and sends the data anonymously. The company’s own network remains unaffected at all times.

Companies who still prefer to run their production monitoring offline, i.e. without Internet connection and permanent data update in their own operating system, can certainly do so. They install systems that give a warning in case of defects or simply switch off the machines via normally closed or normally open contacts to prevent major damage and breakdowns.

Such sensors for energy chains, cables and bearing technology, such as the sensor for break detection on e-chains EC.B, run autonomously and have a great effect with low installation effort.

The EC.B break detection for energy chains from igus
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