Can I monitor the condition of energy chains on the computer?

igu-blog-adm | 9. July 2019

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All igus energy chain sensors (push/pull monitoring, abrasion, motion, wear measurement, break detection) can be connected to an icom or icom. plus module. The module can transmit the measurement data to an equipment monitor or a computer, where they are displayed individually or in a dashboard.

Exemplary representation of data of the EC. T sensors on the PC

The advantage of the display and use on the computer is certainly that here various data from different sensors can come together and thus we have an overview of the entire production. An evaluation of the data is therefore much more comprehensive than when sensors are running in “stand alone” mode and signals are only issued to the respective system and to the top-hat (DIN) rail module.

Networking with the igus server for optimal data usage

Anyone working with ERP systems also has the option of ordering due spare parts from igus in good time, so that replacement of components can take place quickly and production does not have to be stopped for long.

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