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How can I open my energy chain?

Phillip Hagedorn | 9. July 2019

All igus® energy chains are designed for quick handling and are easily openable. In most cases, a flat-head screwdriver is enough. For some series, we also offer special tools . These will make opening easier and will also greatly reduce the time to open the e-chain. Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


What is the right dress pack for my robot?

Marco Thull | 9. July 2019

… nothing easier than that! On the igus home page you can find the current robot configurator in 3 simple steps. Or you go directly to the Configurator. In less than a minute you have your robot equipped with a selection from our standard product range. Now you can find an overview with many common […]


Can I monitor the condition of energy chains on the computer?

igu-blog-adm | 9. July 2019

All igus energy chain sensors (push/pull monitoring, abrasion, motion, wear measurement, break detection) can be connected to an icom or icom. plus module. The module can transmit the measurement data to an equipment monitor or a computer, where they are displayed individually or in a dashboard. The advantage of the display and use on the […]


How long is the service life of a plastic energy chain

Marco Thull | 8. July 2019

The service life of an energy chain depends on many factors, including the fill weight, the dynamic values, the length of the travel and the technical environment – as well as the external influences of dirt and contamination. In order to calculate an exact service life, igus has developed a service life calculator . The […]


What should I consider for a side-mounted application?

Phillip Hagedorn | 7. July 2019

Especially when the installation space is tight, installing a side-mounted e-chain is helpful. It is important to pay attention to whether the e-chain glides on a surface or is designed for unsupported application. Gliding: If the e-chain is gliding horizontally mounted on the side, special attention must be paid to the following points: Use of […]