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Robot arm

This is how medium-sized companies benefit from cost-effective automation

Marco Thull | 24. February 2023

The automation of processes can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mass customisation to achieve their production goals more efficiently and quickly. But still, many SMEs are sceptical about automation because they fear high investment costs and effort. A study shows the high potential of automation in medium-sized companies, especially in sectors such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, health and food. Thanks to Low Cost Automation, the cost of automation solutions has fallen sharply and companies can quickly see a return on investment. However, it is important to provide professional advice on component selection and cost transparency.


What robot types are there, and what robot is the right one for my application?

Adriana Glazer | 6. April 2020

Tasks in processes are often simple, but time-consuming. Automating these tasks saves not only time, but also money. There is a wide range of industrial robots on the market, from linear robots to delta robots to multi-axis joints to SCARA robots. When do I use which robot? What are the differences? Which robot is appropriate for my application? This article provides an overview of the current market-relevant robots.


Automated plastic production? Yes, with igus Low Cost Automation

Christian Schäfer | 26. March 2020

The decisive factors in today’s plastic processing industry are efficiency and productivity. That is why automation processes such as machine feeding, component handling and pick-and-place processes are essential components of modern, economic production. Automation made easy with igus Low Cost Automation.