Low Cost Automation

Happy christmas from robolink®, let it snow…

Martin Raak | 18. December 2017

If you like our design tool “robolink designer”, you might press the tree button and let it snow: 0 0


“Low Cost Robotics”… Our approach

Martin Raak | 27. November 2017

“Make your dreams reality…” The phrase “low-cost robotics” stands for a significant increase in productivity with the help of a simple and affordable automation in the form of robotics components. 0 0


2 x (5+1) = igus® automation

Martin Raak | 23. November 2017

  We will present this automation unit for the mounting of e-chains at the SPS show in Nürnberg next week. It contains a double drylin rail with 2 robolink® arms (5 DOF each). Cycle time is reduced to ~3 sec. with this monting unit. More information will follow… 0 0


robolink® and art

Martin Raak | 21. November 2017

The swiss light artist CAROLINE TAPERNOUX has used three robolink® joint arms to create different light installations and test our products for possible projects. This was our first project with a worldwide successfull artist and it was a great pleasure for us. Please watch the sample video to get an impression of her work or visit her website: […]


First survey results: Colour of robolink®

Martin Raak | 20. November 2017

Thank you for voting! Within the last 10 days we recieved nearly 100 votes and the intermediate result is: Further votes will still be counted! thank you very much for your feedback! 0 0