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Low Cost Automation

Development status

Martin Raak | 22. March 2010

Our beta tester special offer has been running since the end of December. So far approx. 30 customers have been sent samples and approx. 20 customer-specific tests are running. More samples are being produced to keep up with the demand. Applications areas / industries: research centers (Fraunhofer, DLR, international universities), robot builders (service, maintenance, handling), […]


Current status of the product development

Martin Raak | 14. December 2009

The revised, new version of the articulated robot joint is now available as a prototype. The following product improvements have been achieved: lower cable friction due to less narrow cable guide for the rotational motion (newly laid Bowden cables with optimized friction couple => see figures) New design of the transition from articulated joint to […]


First articulated joint by the end of this year

Martin Raak | 28. September 2009

We originally wanted to manufacture injection molded tools in connection with the HMI in order to produce the product as shown.Increase the transferable torques by means of design improvement to the transfer between articulated joint and rod, reduce cable friction by making changes to the design and materials, but above all: integrate magnetic sensors to […]