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Low Cost Automation

Is there buckling and unintentional movement of the corrugated hose systems on their handling devices? The igus e-rib provides a remedy.

Michael Hornung | 23. April 2020

Automation solutions for component handling, machine feeding and simple pick & place tasks are state of the art. The high-speed handling devices are optimised for maximum performance and speed. With such dynamics, the energy chains and cables are also subject to high loads. The igus e-rib corrugated hose protection puts things right!


20 cobots configurable online

Marius Glaue | 22. April 2020

Finally, the online and freely available robot configurator from igus also receives the Rubik cobots. At the start of the expansion of the online tool, 4 robot manufacturers will already be available for selection. Besides Universal Robots, there are also suppliers such as Techman Robot, Kuka with its LBR iiwa and Yaskawa with the HC10 […]


Machines and plant for plastics processing. An industry overview.

Christian Schäfer | 9. April 2020

The plastics processing industry is manifold. Whether in injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, extruders or presses, plastics are processed into very different products. The igus products can be found in a variety of machines and equipment for the plastic and rubber industry.


What robot types are there, and what robot is the right one for my application?

Adriana Glazer | 6. April 2020

Tasks in processes are often simple, but time-consuming. Automating these tasks saves not only time, but also money. There is a wide range of industrial robots on the market, from linear robots to delta robots to multi-axis joints to SCARA robots. When do I use which robot? What are the differences? Which robot is appropriate for my application? This article provides an overview of the current market-relevant robots.


customer application from TAIWAN

Martin Raak | 31. July 2018

Company TPM from Taiwan uses our robolink for a commissioning task. Their main focus is to apply their own control and software solutions to our joint arms in order to serve the taiwanese market with affordable automation solutions.