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Plain Bearings

What is DIN 625?

Marco Thull | 19. December 2019

The DIN 625 specifies the dimensions for single row radial deep groove ball bearings. It is the best known standard in the rolling bearing sector. Radial ball bearings (see picture) are among the most commonly used ball bearings and are designed to support predominantly radial forces. In addition to DIN 625, there is a separate […]


iglidur® in hinges

Julio Pauli | 22. November 2019

igus® iglidur® plain bearings are the standard today in many hinges for vehicles. Whether extender crossbar, multiple axis, door or boot lid hinge, there are always technical or qualitative advantages in addition to the cost benefits, which justify or even require the use of plastic.


When do I use a particular ball bearing? – Metal, plastic, ceramic

Patrick Czaja | 18. November 2019

Choosing the right material for ball bearings is not always easy. A short summary, when I use a particular ball bearing. Limits of metallic ball bearings Metallic ball bearings are mainly used in most classic mechanical engineering applications. They rank number 1 in terms of global sales volumes and are suitable for a large number […]


No need to try tilting the problem of no maintenance.

Christian Strauch | 8. November 2019

With igus non-maintenance-products you got the answer: It is nothing new! With the ever-increasing Internet trade and associated parcel and post traffic, the requirement for corresponding automatic sorting systems such as the Tilt Tray Sorter are growing. The Tilt Tray Sorter is a kind of conveyor belt with attached tabs. While the sorting process or […]


iglidur with “China FDA” – New certificate for the food industry

Jan Michels | 24. October 2019

In the packaging, food and beverage industries, sensitive solutions are usually required. Special requirements must therefore be met. This applies in particular to direct contact with food and beverages. This is why we offer you solutions tuned to the specific needs of packaging machines with our maintenance-free and lubrication-free machine elements made of high-performance polymers. […]