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How to secure bearings properly – Part 2: axial securing

Lars Butenschön | 27. November 2018

In part one of my series “How to secure bearings properly”, we learned how and why bearings move in their mounting holes and what we can do against it. If press-fit is not enough or not available in order to keep a bearing in place, you can do so by changing it´s shape. In this […]


Schadensbild eines Gleitlagers, das sich in Folge von Presssitz-Verlust bei hoher Geschwindigkeit in der Aufnahmebohrung mitgedreht hat. Die Folge: Verschleiß an Lager und Aufnahmebohrung, da die Gleitpaarung auf den Werkstoff der Welle abgestimmt wurde

How to secure bearings properly – Part 1: Why bearings move out

Lars Butenschön | 26. November 2018

When your plastic bearings are moving out it´s typically not to find a better home. But it definitely means their previous housing was not to their liking. The solution: Secure bearings or change the material. In this post I want to help you understand when and why these measures are necessary. What´s happening? Bearings – […]