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iglidur® in hinges

Julio Pauli | 22. November 2019

igus® iglidur® plain bearings are the standard today in many hinges for vehicles. Whether extender crossbar, multiple axis, door or boot lid hinge, there are always technical or qualitative advantages in addition to the cost benefits, which justify or even require the use of plastic.

Why are iglidur® plain bearings used in hinges?

Tribologically optimised iglidur® materials offer significant advantages, for example to avoid contact corrosion between the different metals. Due to the insulating effect of plastic, there are no electro-chemical reactions. Aqueous corrosion media such as grease or oil are not required, as solid lubricants are homogeneously integrated in every iglidur® material. This not only reduces the part price – the assembly process also becomes simpler and hence more cost-effective.

How does self-calibration work?

With electrically conductive polyamides by igus, a current flow in the e-coating is realised, which ensures a perfect painting result. With the appropriate tolerance design, iglidur® bearings can be calibrated during the drying process and are delivered to the customer practically clearance-free. By using bolts, rivets or shafts, the costs can be further reduced. The polymer also adapts to the relatively roughly stamped mount under temperature.

You can find more about self-calibration here: https://www.igus.eu/info/5-reasons-for-the-use-of-iglidur-plain-bearings-in-automobiles?L=en

The igus bearings experts are happy to advise you in selecting the right iglidur® material, calculating tolerance and dimensioning and designing special bearings. Whether iglidur® RN89 for electric conductivity, M250 or K230 for flexible double flange bearings, GLW as low-cost solution or iglidur® G as best-selling material, we always aim at finding the most cost-effective solution for your application.

Further reasons for using iglidur in motor vehicles can be found here: https://www.igus.eu/info/5-reasons-for-the-use-of-iglidur-plain-bearings-in-automobiles?L=en

PS: whether plain bearings, spherical bearings, linear bearings, special sliders, gear or individually customised geometry, the iglidur® Designer leaves nothing to be desired.

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