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What is DIN 625?

Marco Thull | 19. December 2019

The DIN 625 specifies the dimensions for single row radial deep groove ball bearings. It is the best known standard in the rolling bearing sector.

Radial ball bearings (see picture) are among the most commonly used ball bearings and are designed to support predominantly radial forces. In addition to DIN 625, there is a separate DIN for other rolling bearing types.

Some examples:

  • Deep groove ball bearings DIN 625
  • Angular ball bearings DIN 628
  • Shoulder ball bearings DIN 615
  • Self-aligning ball bearings DIN 630
  • Needle roller bearings DIN 617

Each installation size is assigned fixed dimensions for inner and outer diameter and width. Therefore, ball bearings are always 1 to 1 exchangeable, independent of the manufacturer. The first two digits of each installation size always indicate the type and series. For example, the 67 and 68 series stand for thin-walled bearings, the 62 and 63 series for thick-walled bearings.


Installation size 6001                 6                             Type
                                                   0                       Series
                                                      01                  Reference to inner Ø

Table: Overview of diameter ratios DIN 625 (Series)
Picture: Schematic diagram of igus® polymer ball bearing
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