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Service goes orange – how igus reduces your workload

Steffen Schack | 24. April 2020

igus motion plastics – tribologically optimised high-performance polymers for moving applications – are the result of decades of research and development work. Each igus material, known under the iglidur brand name (, is thoroughly tested in our 3,800m² test laboratory. We have a huge material selection and are constantly adding new materials developed for various application scenarios. Our customers’ wishes and dreams drive us on as we pursue our goal of Cost down, Tech up. (For more information, visit

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igus motion plastics are used in many industries. For the automotive industry ((, we almost exclusively deliver special parts that have been closely coordinated with our customers. We want to reduce your workload as much as possible, from the project’s first step to volume production. Read on to find out about the advantages of the igus service.


… More than 50 iglidur materials in the product range, but which is the right one for my application?

iglidur materials required for your special part

Using the parameters you provide, we identify the perfect material for your application. We have a large pool of experience at our disposal and present you with suggestions for materials based on tests we have already conducted (design can also be performed with our online tools: Our automotive team experts are also available at any time for personal consultation: +49 2203/9649-9827.


… What test options are there?

Dr.-Ing. Ralf Selzer, Head of Research and Development for plain bearings at igus

We would be happy to perform customised tests for you in the igus laboratory ( or send you sample parts free of charge ( for on-site testing. We can use our catalogue product range or arrange individual samples that we can map with our many manufacturing options (


… Is that feasible?

We support you in designing tolerances with respect to various influences (temperature and receiver and counter partner materials) and define a technical drawing. We will make this drawing available to you with the CAD data, allowing you to easily integrate special igus parts into your design. For all catalogue articles, CAD data is available online (


… Series injection moulding, prototype injection moulding, 3D printing, mechanically manufactured components … it’s all part of the igus service!

Different project stages need different manufacturing processes – from the first additively manufactured functional samples to volume production of millions of units, we offer you just what you need! Use our 3D printing service ( and find information here about individual injection moulded parts ( or machined components made of bar stock (


… I need quick on-site help

Individual advice

More than 200,000 customers all over the world from 50 industries use the igus on-site service, which consists of a large network of salesmen. There are more than 100 technical sales consultants in Germany alone who would be pleased to assist you. Get on-site help quickly by finding the point of contact for your part of the world: Travelling is extremely difficult in 2020, so we can advise you online at any time:

I look forward to receiving a personal message from you about the igus service in the automotive industry. We would be happy to arrange an individual consulting appointment for you at short notice:

Steffen Schack
Sales Manager Automotive
Phone: +49(0)2203-9649-9827
Mobile: +49(0)172-3030956

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