Linear rails

linearlager lebensende

What happens when a linear bearing has reached the end of its service life?

Michael Hornung | 29. May 2020

Most linear bearings, whether with metallic balls, rolling elements, coating or bonded elements, cannot be reused because of their design. For the user this usually means ordering new linear housings. This results in costs for re-procurement and delivery times. Proper disposal is also an additional challenge. Many bearings must be disposed of in hazardous waste […]


FDA-compliant linear technology for medical products comes from Cologne

Ingo Urbach | 26. May 2020

When the corona pandemic (COVID-19) broke out, many companies volunteered to manufacture medical products such as masks, gowns, ventilators and face shields. In addition to the FDA-compliant materials used for the actual masks, gowns, ventilators and face shields, the tools and machinery used to manufacture these products must also meet FDA compliance standards. Depending on […]


Linear movement combined with a pivoting movement

Ingo Urbach | 19. May 2020

Rotating and linear sliding are now possible at the same time with the drylin® W linear/rotary guide igus presented the innovation for the first time during the igus digital trade show 2020 as a study. The new product consists of a PRT-04 slewing ring bearing on a drylin W rail with a wide support of […]


Telescopic rods – completely made of polymer: NTP27 – when it should be light

Marco Thull | 17. April 2020

At igus, our goal is to either improve the technology or to be more cost-effective for every customer. When we started to produce telescopic rods, it was immediately clear to us that we not only wanted to produce one telescopic rod out of many, but that the principle of “improve technology or reduce price” must […]


At igus, industry 4.0 is combined with manual wear monitoring on linear carriages

Ina Hartmann | 17. April 2020

Is Industry 4.0 always digital? – This is the question you ask yourself when you take a closer look at the new drylin® W-isense linear carriage with LED display. Although igus isense technology in our liner allows connection to an online system for predictive maintenance, we were looking for a solution to make this possible […]