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Can I also use the E4/4 rol e-chain in the machine tool?

Volker Beissel | 27. March 2020

The E4/4 rol e-chain is familiar from the crane industry among others. But what does this have to do with the machine tool? High loads, long travels and a dynamic behaviour, this description also frequently applies to x-axes in machine tools. The rol e-chain 5050RHD, for example, allows travels of 10-800m with a maximum fill weight of 30kg/m. At the same time, this chain with an inner height of 80mm can still be used dynamically. Thus amax is 50m/s² and vmax 6m/s.

To ensure that this series matches your machine, we have four different inner heights, up to 7 radii, up to 42 widths, two reinforced options and everything still available from stock as e-tube. To be sure that the chain is optimally utilised during design, we recommend that it is designed by an igus expert. This person will check the filling carefully and also design the appropriate trough immediately for you. Furthermore, in most cases we can make a reliable service life prediction based on our test data, which gives you and your plant reliability.

Technical specifications can be found here:

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