Chemical-resistant energy chain systems for indoor cranes

Jens Göbel | 2. April 2020

The search for the best-suited cable guidance system for indoor crane applications under the influence of aggressive chemicals is a challenge. For one thing, the chemical composition and concentration varies from application to application, and for another, the list of suitable materials is sometimes greatly limited. Even very pure stainless steel is no guarantee of long-term corrosion protection under some conditions.

Cable trolley & conductor lines:

This is an especially great challenge for cable trolleys (festooning) and for conductor line systems. Many of the components used are made of metal. The skate wheels’ ball bearings and the skate wheels themselves must be checked for resistance if they are not made of metal. Open copper conductors in conductor line systems can be especially susceptible.

Energy chain:

Chemical composition and concentration plays an important role in the selection of the plastic best suited for energy chains as well. Some applications can be achieved only with a specially developed polymer such as igumid EG+. The material’s very low total moisture absorption, which grants great resistance to aggressive chemicals, is decisive here.

Guide trough:

Guiding the chemical-resistant energy chain safely to the crane requires a suitable guide trough. Where expensive stainless steel troughs only offer conditional corrosion protection, guidelite plus plastic guide troughs provide a comparatively low-cost alternative. They are also manufactured from the igumid EG+ material that has already been mentioned.


And don’t forget the selection of the best-suited jacket material for the chain-friendly cable that is to be guided. A corresponding selection table has been assembled for the chainflex cable range. It provides a simple overview of the resistances of the individual jacket materials for a selection of common chemicals.


Not every chemical or chemical concentration requires the use of special energy chain materials. We would like to tell you about applications in which the use of igumid EG+ contributed greatly to durability and dependability. Read an article about a corrosion-free energy supply system resisting hydrochloric acid exposure in a hot dip galvanising plant. The video shows the function of the energy chain in this application.

On our website, you will find further examples of and solutions for cable guidance on indoor cranes. You will also find our brochure for free download.

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