autoglide 5 update

Christian Strauch | 10. November 2021

autoglide 5, the energy chain for long distances that does not require a guide trough. I introduced this special energy chain about 18 months ago. Lots has happened since then. We have refined the chain: 1. New sizes have been added. In addition to the series 2400.07 with the relevant radius, this type was completed […]


Energy chain or busbar system

Christian Strauch | 30. September 2021

There are 2 approaches to vertical energy supply systems on storage and retrieval units or lifters (shuttles): >Energy chain or the conductor cable. < Both systems are rated differently by leading manufacturers of these systems. Very often it is technical reasons that speak for the energy chain. Sometimes it is the price that decides one […]


autoglide 5

autoglide 5,….for even longer travels!

Christian Strauch | 18. March 2021

About a year ago, we introduced the autoglide 5. Unlike its “mother”, the autoglide 5, which is based on our “2400” energy chain, does not need a guide trough on long travels, even with the highest dynamics and travels of up to 80 metres. Also see older blogs! The puzzle behind this very innovative product […]


The energy chain in the lane – Part 6

Christian Strauch | 16. June 2020

autoglide 5: Everything possible, or what? As extensively described in the last parts, the autoglide 5 is in many ways much better than a busbar system. To highlight just a few benefits: – Extremely fast installation: usually less than an hour, regardless of length! -You save a lot of time: time is cash, time is […]


Film and camera systems quickly and easily assembled with autoglide 5!

Christian Strauch | 23. April 2020

I don’t think there is any industry where plant and installations are assembled and disassembled as quickly as here. Music events, festivals, sporting events, etc. usually only last a few days. This means that there is little time for assembly and disassembly. For automatic camera systems for longer distances, certain rail systems are required. If […]