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SEW-Eurodrive Movilink® DDI

Christian Strauch | 17. June 2022

You have certainly heard of it – the new SEW-Eurodrive: Movilink® DDI generation of drives. They are drive motors with a digital data interface. The supply cable is a hybrid cable with a coaxial element. So far, so good! But of course you would also like to have this engine generation in SRUs, cross-traversing trolleys, […]


The autoglide 5 lasts longer than you think …

Christian Strauch | 16. May 2022

One might think that I would have said everything you could say about the autoglide 5 by now, but I haven’t come close. The autoglide 5 still has some advantages over the basic chain, including the following: The autoglide 5’s special crossbars increase the load-bearing surfaces or sliding surfaces. Larger sliding surfaces also mean lower […]


autoglide 5: easy as child's play and quickly installed!

Christian Strauch | 18. March 2022

Our new autoglide 5 energy chain for horizontal applications, especially for storage and retrieval units, miniloads, cross traversing carriages and even overhead cranes, has such a number of advantages over the classic conductor line. One of the most important advantages (from our point of view) is the very easy and very fast installation of the […]


Fast, fast, fast … Features of AG 5

Christian Strauch | 2. March 2022

An autoglide energy chain that does not require a guide trough has been available from igus for about 20 years. The principle of crossbars, which are designed like “tiewrap plates” so that the upper run can slide on the lower run while being fixed laterally, has been around for a long time. The decisive difference […]


autoglide 5: Small lane, big effect!

Christian Strauch | 18. February 2022

Why is the autoglide 5 so interesting, especially for short to medium lanes? Explaining this requires some maths: Example: A travel distance of 50 metres with a busbar system compared to 50 metres with the autoglide 5: Busbar system: What is needed? The busbar system itself:                           about 50 euros/metre = 2500 euros! Optical data transmission:                     […]