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The autoglide 5 lasts longer than you think …

Christian Strauch | 16. May 2022

One might think that I would have said everything you could say about the autoglide 5 by now, but I haven’t come close.

The autoglide 5 still has some advantages over the basic chain, including the following:

The autoglide 5’s special crossbars increase the load-bearing surfaces or sliding surfaces. Larger sliding surfaces also mean lower surface pressure for the same weight, which in turn means a longer service life given the same parameters.

We have tested it for you in our 3,800m² laboratory, of course.

Depending on the speed and cable filling (that is, the additional weight per metre), the service life increased by at least 20%. In some cases, the increase was as high as 60%.

Conclusion: Lose the busbar system and get the autoglide 5!

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