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SEW-Eurodrive Movilink® DDI

Christian Strauch | 17. June 2022

You have certainly heard of it – the new SEW-Eurodrive: Movilink® DDI generation of drives. They are drive motors with a digital data interface. The supply cable is a hybrid cable with a coaxial element.

So far, so good!

But of course you would also like to have this engine generation in SRUs, cross-traversing trolleys, or other moving machines, and you need a cable that will work with chains and can also absorb enough tensile force, both horizontally and vertically, to prevent it from breaking down immediately even on long distances.

One bottleneck is the sensitive coaxial element that cannot absorb large tensile forces and therefore cannot be used in suspended applications with a stroke of more than ten metres.

Until now, there has been no cable for this type of application.

This is not a great situation for those who want to use this new drive generation in their machines

(storage and retrieval units).

igus® has considered the problem and released a new chainflex® cable:

CFSPECIAL.192.H207.15.04 … specifically for SEW-Eurodrive Movilink® DDI drives, featuring a permissible tensile force of 4200 newtons. Now storage and retrieval units of 50 metres or more (if there are any) can easily be equipped with SEW-Eurodrive Movilink® DDI drives.

More information is available here:

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