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Energy supply

Designing more cost-effectively with E4.1L

Michael Hornung | 23. April 2020

Especially in machine tools, many electrical cables and hoses run through the energy chain. Hoses for hydraulics and cooling with large diameters are often necessary to meet the requirements of flow rates. This means that designers must select energy chains with a large interior space.


The moving lower run

Lars Butenschön | 21. April 2020

Installation situation e-chain with moving lower run Sometimes the installation situation requires turning the orientation of the e-chain and turning it upside down, so to speak. The fixed end is mounted “up” and the moving end is “down”. This is a very special installation situation and places other demands on the design of the energy […]


Selecting the correct mounting bracket

mkogelmann | 7. April 2020

Almost all mounting brackets are available in two variants. The first pivots, the second is fixed. At this point, many design engineers wonder when they should use the pivoting and when the fixed version. Pivoting mounting brackets are standard for gliding or horizontally unsupported applications But why is that? The pivoting mounting bracket compensates for […]


Energy supply systems in a hygienic ambience

Bastian Mehr | 31. March 2020

We often ask ourselves how we constructively implement the required energy supply systems in our plant. We often reach our limits and weigh up what is really necessary. In many places we get along completely without a guide. In some, however, it cannot be avoided. How often do we rack our brains and struggle to […]


Standing installation of energy chains in machine tools

mkogelmann | 31. March 2020

Whether in handling systems or in machine tools, with vertical movements the energy supply systems must often be planned “standing”. Actually not a great challenge, but there are still some aspects that have to be considered and taken into account during planning and design. Pivoting or locking mounting brackets? If I can support the e-chain […]