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Energy supply

Hydraulic hoses in the energy chain

mkogelmann | 27. March 2020

Machine tools very often have hydraulic hoses that are guided in e-chains – for clamping devices, coolant circuits and other applications. For hoses, as for electrical cables, there are several items to consider in the design and fitting of energy chains. Crossbars every link or every second link What is the permissible bend radius of […]


Laying cables correctly for pivoting movements

mkogelmann | 26. March 2020

For pivoting and rotary movements of up to 270°, it is important that cables and hoses are laid in the energy chain’s neutral phase. Why is this so important? Pivoting and rotary movements usually involve winding up the e-chain or guiding it into an S shape. For normal installation positions (horizontal, standing, or suspended), the […]


What a compact cable guidance system on an indoor crane looks like

Jens Göbel | 25. March 2020

What specific advantages does the energy chain have over the classical festooning or cable trolley system in an indoor crane? Increased interior range without obstacles. Unexcelled distances under the entire crane girder. Low chain system installation space necessary on the crane. No cables dangling from the crane girder – greater storage space. Small clearance between the hook and the wall. Longer cable service life. Operating and maintenance costs lower than those of festooning or a cable trolley system. Less susceptibility to errors. No components that require regular lubrication.


The revolution in energy chains for machine tools reduces assembly time by 40%

Lukas Czaja | 25. March 2020

The great demand means that machine tools are often mass-produced. It is especially important that each machine – whether it is a milling, turning, grinding or drilling machine – is identical with respect to quality and precision.


Medikamenten-Handling in der Apotheke

What requirements do energy chains encounter in automatic medication handling applications?

Beke Nieszytka | 25. March 2020

Harnessed energy chains in automatic medication picking systems face special requirements.