How you benefit from igus’ global service

Volker Beissel | 5. February 2021

Globalisation as a buzzword is a broad term under which everyone imagines something different. At worst, you’re thinking of an Asian hotline for an American company. At best, you think of igus, with 35 branches and 4,150 contacts around the globe, for the best service. No matter where you build your machine or where you […]


Service goes orange – how igus reduces your workload

Steffen Schack | 24. April 2020

igus motion plastics – tribologically optimised high-performance polymers for moving applications – are the result of decades of research and development work. Each igus material, known under the iglidur brand name (, is thoroughly tested in our 3,800m² test laboratory. We have a huge material selection and are constantly adding new materials developed for various […]