Self-aligning ball bearing made of polymer

Patrick Czaja | 4. May 2021

Self-aligning ball bearings (DIN 630) are double-row rolling bearings, consisting of an inner ring with a common ball raceway and an outer ring characterised by a hollow spherical design. Due to the hollow shape of the outer ring and the resulting angular mobility, self-aligning ball bearings are used in applications with larger misalignments, shaft deflections and lags.
Due to the lower degree of osculation of the rolling elements on the outer ring compared to single-row radial deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings can carry higher loads easily. How much the ball bearings can accommodate in an axial direction depends on the respective pressure angle. The raceway of the outer ring has the shape of a hollow ball, as a result of which the inner ring together with the balls can pivot around the centre point of the self-aligning ball bearings within certain tolerances during simultaneous rotation. Pivoting is possible without the creation of any additional friction.
How does that work? In contrast to standard radial deep groove ball bearings, the ball raceways in the outer ring are not limited laterally. The self-aligning ball bearings can therefore pivot freely laterally in the outer ring. As a result, there is no increase in friction when a tilting moment occurs in the limiting area of the outer rings.

When is a self-aligning ball bearing the right choice for my application?

  • When a large swivel angle is required
  • When machining errors/assembly errors or instances of shaft bending have to be compensated for
  • Wherever lead screws are supported and a small axial wobble plays a role (spherical outer raceway)

Self-aligning ball bearing made of polymer with reinforced cage made of PA

Our polymer bearings are 100% lubricant free, lightweight and corrosion resistant. The swivel bearings not only accommodate shaft misalignments of up to , but also take slightly increased loads due to the double ball raceway. They are available from stock in three installation sizes for shaft diameters 10, 12 and 20mm.

Our self-aligning ball bearing made from our own xirodur B180 with PA cage

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