Why do I have to lower the suspension point in a long travel?

Phillip Hagedorn | 3. July 2019

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A lowered connecting point is absolutely necessary for every gliding application:

  • To prevent chain breakage through critical sag.
  • To reduce wear (if the moving end is not lowered, there is more abrasion)

Example: If we move the e-chain from right to left till the gap between the upper run and the lower run is 1mm, the chain would be at its maximum unsupported length.

The application is at the critical sag, which must be prevented!

If we remain at the installation height in accordance with the bend radius (theoretically), then the maximum allowable values for max. fill weight and push/pull force (F_PPF) decrease drastically. This is improved if the mounting height is lowered or if a larger e-chain with better values is used.

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