What is the difference between unsupported with straight upper run and unsupported with permitted sag?

Phillip Hagedorn | 7. July 2019

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Unsupported application with straight upper run

Since the e-chain is dependent on fill weight, we distinguish between three stages of unsupported length:

01) Unsupported length – straight FLG

The e-chain is in the range FLG if its upper run is either still pretensioned, straight or has a maximum sag of half a chain link height. Installing in FLG is always recommended. The e-chain runs smoothly without additional vibration.

02) Unsupported length – with sag FLB

The e-chain is in the range FLB if its sag is more than half the chain link height and less than the smallest available radius of the chain series. In most applications the energy chain can be used unsupported FLB without any problems. There are restrictions concerning the maximum speed and acceleration.

03) Critical sag

When the sag is higher than permitted in FLB, then it is in critical sag. An installation with critical sag should be avoided or solved with special solutions. An e-chain should never be installed with critical sag. Applications may reach critical sag after long service times. The e-chain or the e-tube should then be replaced. Please contact us in such cases!

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