How much clearance space should I leave in the e-chain?

Marco Thull | 7. July 2019

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Cables and hoses to be routed in e-chains need sufficient clearance space . The following space reserves are required:

  • Electric round cables          10%      
  • Pneumatic cables                      5-10%
  • Hydraulic cables                         20%
  • Media hoses                           20%      

Minimum clearances upwards and to the sides must be complied with.

What are the filling rules for energy chains?

Cables and hoses must be routed in such a way that they can move freely in the longitudinal direction and do not exert any tensile forces on the e-chain in the radius. For highly dynamic applications, no cables should be laid without horizontal separation (shelf). The dynamic limits for speeds is >0.5 m/s and cycle rate over 10,000 p.a. The best way to explain the filling rules is by means of the following drawings:

What should be the weight distribution in the energy chain?

The weight distribution should be symmetrical if possible – heavy cables on the outside and lighter cables in the middle of the e-chain. This will prevent any tilting.

What are the interior separation options?

Interior separation without separator
Interior separation with vertical separators
Interior separation with vertical separators without shelves (one above the other)
Interior separation with horizontal separators with shelves (one above the other)
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