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What are the advantages of e-chains compared to festooning?

Marco Thull | 4. July 2019

What are the advantages of e-chains compared to festooning?

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e-chains are compact and increase plant reliability and productivity. If the chain folds, the upper and lower run reach a height of around 800 millimeters. Cables and hoses are safely guided with interior separators, so that they can  never cross each other and get tangled up together. The risk of cable break: reduced to a minimum.

igus e-chain system:Cables are safely routed in the e-chain and cannot get caught anywhere.
Festooning:Cables hang uncontrollably and may get caught in the crane structure (e.g. by wind).

Different: cables guided in festooning. They are stacked at the end of the crane rail. Cable loops often take three metres and more length. Not just a space problem. The cables swing without protection, get tangled and can get stuck in the crane structure. The result: Cable breaks, expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime. The e-chains are also lighter than festooning; they weigh just under half. Machines and equipment thus save energy.
e-chains are low maintenance and often run for many years without intervention, even in harsh environments and at temperatures between -40°C and +120°C.  It is only important to have a regular visual check to make sure that the system is in perfect condition. The chains can be opened in a few simple steps and individual cables and hoses can be easily replaced.

In festooning, however, maintenance and the replacement of hoses and cables are usually more complicated, as they are usually grouped in bundles. Festoonings also includes wheels, pull ropes, rubber cables and bearings. Each individual part requires maintenance and lubrication, especially when exposed to rough operating environments. e-chains, on the other hand, operate lubrication-free.

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