What advantages do e-chains have in comparison to busbar systems?

Marco Thull | 4. July 2019

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e-chains are virtually maintenance-free and can run for years without any problems. They only require visual inspections to ensure that the system is in a working condition. Busbar systems work in a different way. They consist of components that require regular inspection – including the shoes installed on the pantographs. The problem: To service these components, the user must shut down the system and, if necessary, concede a loss of productivity.
e-chains are also more flexible than busbar systems. The user can plan reserves in the interior to install at a later date further cables and hoses for power, data, fibre, media and hydraulics. Busbar systems are usually limited to the transmission of electricity. For the guidance of hoses, many users commission additional systems. The maintenance costs increase.
The high-performance plastics of the energy chain systems defy even harsh environmental conditions. Salt water, UV light and chemical vapours cannot harm the plastics. However, many operators of busbar systems complain about the susceptibility of the systems to corrosion – especially in the vicinity of salt water.

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