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How can I implement vertical travels?

Marco Thull | 30. June 2019

How can I implement vertical travels?

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With the e-spool – the slipring-free cable reel – igus supplies energy supply systems for different scenarios of use. The compact, spring-driven system can guide energy cables, media lines or fibre optic data cables safely and reliably. To enable users to deploy an energy chain system even where greater cable/hose lengths are involved, igus has developed a new standard. Thanks to its special design, the e-spool can extend cables and hoses up to 21 metres without a motor being needed.

In stage technology, on oil platforms or in process cranes – the rollable e-spool can be used wherever cables and hoses have to be moved safely and variably in very restricted spaces. The compact energy chain system from igus is an alternative to the classical cable drum, but with two major differences: the e-spool is the only solution that can carry not only energy, but also all media such as data, compressed air and liquids.

e-spool – the slipring-free cable reel
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