How can I guide fibre optic cables (FOC) and Ethernet cables on the crane?

Marco Thull | 5. July 2019

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With energy chains you can carry energy, data and air, oils or water in one system. The energy chain is thus the most modular guidance system.

It is a great challenge for operators of sewage plants, waste incineration plants, cranes, power plants or mines to guide data, energy and hydraulics safely on long travels. High speeds combined with a high fill weight often pose problems for energy supply systems such as motor cable drums, busbars or festoonings .

Energy chain systems from igus can be moved without problems on travels of up to 1000 metres and more at a speed of 10m/s and with 50kg/m fill weight. As guidance for highly flexible chainflex cables and hoses, energy chains can be guided smoothly and with low friction in long travels through guide troughs and enclosures. Both indoors and outdoors, the energy chain systems from igus have been successfully used for more than 20 years in over 30,000 gliding long travels.

The longest plastic energy chain in the world with 615 m travel is from igus has been in operation without failure since 2007.
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