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How are triflex R dress packs assembled?

Marco Thull | 2. July 2019

How are triflex R dress packs assembled?

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Depending on the size and type, there are various ways in which individual chain links or entire e-chain systems are assembled or disassembled. For this purpose, igus provides a suitable assembly tool for the TRE.B, TRC and TRCF series. Using simple tips and tricks, these chain links can be assembled as well as disassembled. In addition to the assembly of individual chain links, all types of igus triflex R e-chain systems (RSP, RS, RSE with deflection, RSE linear, RSEL and fibre-rod module) from axis 1 to axis 6, the use of LOCKS, as well as the assembly and alignment of the twisterchain are explained. Furthermore, the correct positioning of the fibre-rods is particularly important in order to ensure the longevity of the system. The following link will take you straight to the installation videos.

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