From which special materials can triflex R e-chains be produced?

cweiss | 5. July 2019

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For this, a distinction must first be made in the different series. TRE, TRC, TRL consist of igumid NB. The series TRLF and TRCF consist of igumid G. Due to the round shape and the connectors (ball and socket principle), all triflex R e-chains can only be made in ESD material. The well-known HT (HEAT) material is not suitable for the production of trilfex R e-chains. This is mainly because the material is too dry and therefore very porous. The resulting consequence is that the e-chains already break during assembly. Quality losses are the result, with about 10% loss of stability, which, however, does not entail any major effects. The TRCF and TRLF series are much more heat-resistant and more stable thanks to the igumid G material. However, if this is not enough, igus heat protection jackets, standard protective jackets or even highly abrasion-resistant protective jackets can be used.

triflex R heat protection jacket
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